Grounded Spirits has just been released and is now available on Amazon for only $0.99.  It’s even got its first review – five stars!

Grounded Spirits is part ghost story, part mystery and part historical fiction—set in Ireland in both the current day and the 1820s. With a teenage central character, Grounded Spirits will appeal to teen readers as well as adults.

What’s it about?
Fiona Thomas is sick of trekking after her father on his business trips—but with her options anything but open, she finds herself in Ireland. As usual, she’s thoroughly bored within minutes. But when she comes face to face with what appears to be a haunted painting—and a haunted hotel—her boredom quickly disappears. Captivated by the tortured looking face in the painting, Fiona sets out to solve the mystery. Who owns the face and how did they die?

Fiona discovers Ireland of the 1820s—a world where New English landlords rule over the Irish inhabitants. Things get complicated for one local Irish girl, Caitriona O Flaherty, when she falls in love with her da’s landlord.

Note: This story is based on a real hotel in Ennis, Ireland, that is rumored to be haunted. The painting described in the story does, indeed, exist—a photograph of the tortured face is included in the book and that face appears on the book’s cover.

Grounded Spirits will be released in the next week! 

The book is part YA, part historical fiction and part ghost story … more info soon. 

ImageThe Wanderer is now available on Amazon!

In the not too distant future …

The digger clips the side of the ancient container, cracking it. The banished ones flicker—escape is near.

The crack widens and The Wanderer worms its way  upwards; into the cables, into cyberspace. The Protector follows, ready to fulfill his duty. The unstoppable chain of events is about to begin.

Sasha and Andy have known each other forever, and share everything—including cool email attachments. However, when Sasha gets sick with symptoms that don’t add up, they wonder if the creature from the email could somehow be involved. It’s creepy … scary … and it seems to control them and distort their memories.

In a race against time, they must discover the secret of the strange creature and save themselves, their town and ultimately the Earth from the ancient Wanderer. But there’s more to the creature than meets the eye, and Sasha and Andy will be drawn into a world of the Ancients—the Guardians and Wanderers.

ImageWelcome to the online world of Pippa Dee. Today marks the launch of my new site and soon book 1 in the Guardian and Wanderer trilogy will be available on Amazon.

More about The Wanderer.